Brief History

The Government Degree College at Cumbum, Prakasam district was the first ever Degree College established in Cumbum in 2008 by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Since its inception, the college has been functioning along with a 48 year old junior college, both sharing the same campus and the classrooms.
Situated in the heart of the town, the college is surrounded by green vegetation and beautiful Nallamalai hills. Cumbum, once being a part of Rayalaseema, is well known for Cumbum Lake, one of the oldest man-made lakes in Asia.
Keeping in view the tremendous need for a degree college here for the growing number of students upon their successful completion of Intermediate Education (equivalent to Senior Secondary Education), the college was instituted and is now successfully meeting the needs of the students most of whom come from rural areas.
By means of its qualified faculty and remarkable service, it has gained a name of its own among the best colleges in Prakasam district. The college plays a vital role in education and empowerment of the students from poor economic sections.