Vice Principal Job Chart

The position of a Vice-Principal in a college today has become a vital and indispensable part of administration. Vice- principals fulfill a prominent role in colleges. They assist the principal in various areas by providing support wherever required. The principal shares most of the duties and responsibilities with the vice- principal.

Sri. M. Yedukondala Rao, a lecturer in Economics is the present vice-principal of our college. He has to his credit a voluminous teaching experience. He is a father-figure not only for students but most of the teachers as well. He assists and if necessary guides the principal in most of the academic and administrative decisions.

However, the ultimate responsibility for the running of the college always rests with the principal and the vice- principal is expected to consult the principal on all important matters.

The vice-principal also acts as the principal in the absence of the latter and ensures the smooth conduct of the classes and administration.